Safe Reopening

Shared Goals

Okanogan County Public Health is committed to using local data and reliable science in our COVID-19 response. Okanogan County Public Health and our Health Officer are monitoring key indicators and will continue to advocate for the residents of Okanogan County.

At Okanogan County Public Health, our goals during this pandemic include:

    1. Public Health: Minimize the spread, morbidity, and mortality due to COVID-19
    2. Economic Health: Support an open and thriving economy in Okanogan County
    3. Public Safety: Minimize threats to public safety (e.g. assault, domestic violence, substance abuse, suicide, etc.)
    4. Collaboration: Coordinate enforcement and compliance so the county can work together to attain the three goals above

Our community is united in its goal to keep each other safe and help our economy grow and thrive. We are Okanogan County Strong.
Staying safe during COVID-19 has been difficult for communities across the State, but our rural County has endured difficult journeys before, and we know how to come together to make it through.

Community COVID-19 Prevention and Reduction Practices

The COVID-19 vaccine and booster provide the best protection against severe illness from COVID-19. In addition, we know wearing a well-fitted mask, social distancing, and good hygeine are all tools that together are very effective in preventing respiratory illness of any kind.

The following community practices are essential to minimize COVID-19 disease burden. Throughout the pandemic, we have seen some of these interventions become politicized, but at their core, they are fundamental public health tools that have been practiced for centuries.

  1. Masking – Cover your face with a mask when in public spaces. The Washington State Secretary of Health has issued an order requiring masks to be worn in indoor public places.
  2. Hygiene – Engage in frequent hand washing, cough and sneeze etiquette, the frequent disinfection of high-touch surfaces, and sanitization supplies readily available at home, work, and public places.
  3. Distancing – Maintain physical distance between yourself and others. It will be quite some time before returning to pre-COVID-19 levels of social interactions. We must exercise freedom with regard to others’ safety, respect physical distancing recommendations, and adhere to the phase-specific guidance on group gatherings.
  4. Screening and Testing – Monitor yourself for symptoms and stay home if you feel sick. Follow isolation and quarantine guidance to determine when and for how long you should stay home.
  5. Isolation and Quarantine – If you have tested positive for COVID-19, follow isolation guidance. If you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, follow quarantine guidance.
  6. Contact Tracing – Contact tracing prevents further exposures by asking those in close contact with someone affected by COVID-19 to quarantine. When properly quarantining, COVID-19 is not able to spread to additional contacts. Answer the call and participate in contact tracing if contacted by Public Health.
  7. Sharing Accurate Information – Okanogan County Public Health is committed to using our limited resources efficiently to share accurate and updated information with the public. It is everyone’s responsibility to evaluate the information for accuracy and share factual information. Perpetuating false information is careless and dangerous, particularly during a pandemic.
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