Sign the pledge, be recognized as a COVID-safe business!

What’s Required: To be recognized as a COVID-safe business, you must sign the pledge to adhere to a list of COVID-19 safety practices below until public health deems these practices no longer necessary. You will be sent a decal for your storefront and/or website and social media that advertises your participation and commitment to the project. Your business will also be listed on the Okanogan County Public Health (OCPH) COVID-19 website and the OCPH social media pages as a ‘COVID-safe business’. If you prefer not to be listed on the website or social media, please notify us.

About the Pledge

By signing below, your business is pledging to do the following: 

I pledge to…

  1. Make the message clear: Prominently display “Masks Required” sign(s) (Download these! Please wear a face coveringMask Up to Open UpPlease wear a face covering – Help stop the spread)
  2. Wear facial coverings correctly: Wear facial coverings that cover our mouth and nose at all times.
  3. Help customers be safe: Have a plan on how to engage people who don’t wear a facial covering in my business and encourage them to follow the facial covering requirements. Check out How to talk to Customers about Facial Coverings.
  4. Keep sick and COVID-exposed employees away from work: Ask employees who are sick or have been exposed to COVID-19 to not return to work until public health guidance permits.
  5. Support sick employees. Implement flexible sick leave or supportive policies for employees who contract COVID-19 or have been exposed to COVID-19 (I’m not in a position to provide paid sick leave to my employees, what should I do?).
  6. Make our space as safe as possible: Set up our business to allow for physical distancing of 6 feet between patrons.
  7. Keep our business clean: Provide adequate sanitation supplies, wash our hands frequently, and sanitize frequently touched surfaces at least daily.
  8. Share information with our employees: Teach our employees about practices that keep our business and our customers safe from COVID-19 (Our commitment to our employees), including self-screening practices.
  9. Care for each other: Treat everyone with kindness, respect, and care. We’re in this together.

Take the Pledge Now!

Questions? Contact OCPH with any questions about the Business Pledge Program here:

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